Updates to Thunderbird and Firefox Pro Packs

Updates have been made to both the Firefox Pro Pack and the Thunderbird Pro Pack with those made to Firefox being more significant. Look below for the new additions or click through, above, for the full package.

The update for Firefox’s pack now has the additions of:

  • Muter – mutes all Firefox content.
  • Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon – uses Adblock+ filters for blocking popups.
  • QuickDrag – extreme efficiency mouse gestures.

The update for Thunderbird’s pack is:

  • Correct Identity – sends email aliases as the proper email alias.
  • Dropbox for Filelink – sends large files with dropbox.
  • LookOut – Outlook Compatibility

These addons further enhance and enrich the work environment and, when coupled with the remaining addons of the pro packs, make office work that much more enjoyable.

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