How to add Symantec VIP Access key to PayPal

Symantec Logo

Two factor authentication is exceptionally effective at keeping your accounts, and your money, safe from cyber attacks. Symantec offers one solution for generating two-factor security – it is called the Symantec VIP Access Key. The purpose of this article is to provide ease of access for securing your PayPal account with such a key. At […]

Free Anti-Virus, legally


There’s a legit and legal way to obtain Anti-Virus licenses for free: AV Companies want you to use their product, so they often offer extended trials in hopes of turning you into a long term-customer. I will show you how to take advantage of this after a brief introduction. Not all Anti-Virus software is the […]

DD-WRT on Asus RT-N66U

Asus N66u & dd-wrt

I’ve recently acquired a batch of RT-N66U (hardware version B1) routers for use in Network Setup services and had to flash one of them to DD-WRT to create a free wireless hotspot. Looking through the sea of information I found it somewhat difficult to figure out what to do and wasted a significant chunk of […]

New updates to Thunderbird & Firefox Pro Pack

Pro Packs

I’ve just added some great privacy and security resources to the Firefox Pro Pack. Additions include an addon called Blender that fakes your Firefox version to the most common one, Smart Referrers – which obfuscates which website you visited from, YouTube Center to put YouTube under control, and Setting Sanity which restores some lost control over […] finally gets IMAP support

Since I’ve become an Outlook insider I’ve found no news worthy of mentioning. They were either disabling features or doing things most users don’t care about. This day, however, I bring great news. has finally matured into a real mail service and now supports IMAP – this means you can use your favorite mail […]

Outlook Insiders Program

In an effort to deliver the best service to my customers I’ve enrolled in the Outlook Insiders program. Bay Area Tech Pros has recently switched the default suggested mail service from Google Apps to – we find this will best benefit our future clients. By being part of the Outlook insiders program I get […]

Google Apps no longer offered as free service


Google has stopped offering free service of Google Apps for new customers, customers wanting to sign up for google apps must pay $50 per person per year. More information may be found at this link. As such Bay Area Tech Pros is no longer able to offer Google Apps as a service. We are providing […]

Fixing Error 0x80073D0A on Windows 8


This error is typically shown when Windows Store apps do not install. If your windows store apps are not installing this is likely the culprit. Known causes of this problem are the stopping of the Windows Firewall service. To fix this error and re-enable the Windows Firewall service do the following: Navigate to the run […]