Fixing Error 0x80073D0A on Windows 8

This error is typically shown when Windows Store apps do not install.

If your windows store apps are not installing this is likely the culprit. Known causes of this problem are the stopping of the Windows Firewall service.

To fix this error and re-enable the Windows Firewall service do the following:

  1. Navigate to the run menu (windows key + R)
  2. Type services.msc and press enter
  3. Find Windows Firewall service and double click on it
  4. Set to Automatic in the dropdown
  5. Start the service by pressing start
  6. Press OK to apply the changes

That should fix it. If you are still experiencing problems be sure to state your error report so that others may use it for reference.

Why windows firewall must run, especially if another firewall is running, will remain a mystery.


  1. Ladislav Šesták says

    Yes,.. It works. Know somebody why this problem is resolved by firewall? When I’m creating new application, Visual Studio should register the app when it starts, right?

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