How to Root HTC Glacier / Mytouch 4G

Cyanogen mod’s FAQ was not working for a 2.2.1 T-Mobile Mytouch (HTC Glacier) – I was issued an error occured while running exploit messages upon running /data/local/tmp/fre3vo -debug -start FAA90000 -end FFFFFFFF

Upon some digging and trial and error I developed the following method which worked on two 2.2.1 Glaciers I had in possession. I think this is the simplest way to accomplish permanent root and S=OFF. This guide will assume you’ve got ADB set up and have some computer knowledge and are running Windows. Obviously I am not responsible nor liable for anything you do.

How to root HTC Glacier / Mytouch 4g (2.2.1):

  1. Download Visionary APK and install it on your phone. –Visionary Home
  2. Download GFREE (mirror)and extract it to your ADB folder
  3. Download Terminal Emulator from Android Market
  4. Download Rom Manager
  5. Run Visionary, check Temproot on Boot and Set System r/w After Root
  6. While still in Visionary click Attempt Temproot Now
  7. Run CMD to your adb directory – CD C:/youradbdir/adb 
  8. While still in CMD type adb push gfree /data/local and press enter
  9. Unplug your device
  10. Open Terminal Emulator and type su
  11. Type cd /data/local and press enter
  12. Type chmod 777 gfree and press enter
  13. Type ./gfree  and press enter
  14. Turn off device
  15. After device is off: hold volume down and power, this will HBOOT. It should say S=OFF
  16. Reboot the device and launch Visionary again, Attempt Permroot
  17. Reboot device
  18. Run Rom Manager and install Clockworkmod
  19. Install your favorite ROM :)


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