Torrent Ninja Guide – Stay Anonymous

Tixati GuideWe’ve covered torrent privacy back in 2009, right before Windows 7 came out. At that time we helped you get peer guardian running on the release candidate and provided an alternative method by using utorrent’s ipfilter.dat.

We’re back with an updated and superior alternative for both utorrent, peer guardian, and peerblock. You might need to switch your torrent client as this guide revolves around Tixati.

Why Tixati? At a glance:

  • Automatically updating IP Filter
  • Manually choke/unchoke of peers
  • Ability to ban peers
  • Toggle DHT
  • Toggle Trackers
  • 32/64 Windows & Linux clients
  • It’s 100% free with no adware.

What’s this guide going to teach me?

By the end you should understand how to, or at least be able to perform a set of instructions to, prevent suspected unfriendly organizations and governments from connecting to your IP and to encrypt your outbound and inbound traffic. No, it isn’t perfect, but it should get you far enough away from the herd to maintain a relatively elevated level of privacy. You definitely don’t want your hobbies showing up on and this guide is here to stop that.

So what do I do?

  1. Download the latest release of Tixati and install it and launch it.
    Run the tests it asks you and determine your bandwith.
    Run through the steps below.

Encrypting your traffic:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Network
  3. Connections
  4. set Outgoing & Incoming Peer Connection Encryption to Encrypted Only

Blocking Hostile Peers:

  1. In Tixati go to Settings>IP Filter. Activate the feature (set it to ON).
  2. Exit Tixati.
  3. Go to %appdata%/tixati (navigate to “RUN” and type that in)
  4. Download these ipfilters, open the archive with an archiver (7zip, bandizip, winrar), and extract ipfilters.dat to the folder you opened. (source of blocklists)
  5. Launch Tixati back up.
  6. You should have a bunch of automatically updating filters in your IP Filter section.

What do I do now?

You’re done with the guide, go forth and don’t forget to seed, support the software and game developers who create good games, and support the movies you like.


  1. nimd4 says

    Hi, your ipfilters.7z file is from 04/21/2012 and therefore pretty much obsolete.. Would’ve been nice if you’d listed some (more) permanent location to get nice .dat files for uTorrent (and others that can use DATs).

    • says

      One of the reasons I suggest Tixati over utorrent is because it automatically updates the ipfilters every 24 hours. That file is not obsolete, running it with tixati as the guide suggests will get you the latest block lists once it updates.

      If you use utorrent you will need to update these lists manually, whether by using blocklist manager or downloading them from BISS or Bluetack Security Forums. I’ve taken your advice and added resource links for people that want to obtain filters manually.

    • Tilax says

      Wow that language. Just cp the files in the archive to ~/.tixati

      Example: 7z e ipfilters.7z -o”/home//.tixati”
      replace with your user’s name

    • Trevor says

      I feel like if you can’t translate windows steps to linux steps you have no business running linux in the first place.

  2. G. says

    Hi guys! Thanks for the article.

    I have a problem with the “ipfilters.dat” file using Tixati v1.96 (Windows 7 x64).

    Tixati gives the following error (in “status”, ip filter tab):
    “Error reloading: string overflow”

    Can I solve this?

    Thank you!

  3. TixatiUser says

    Thanks Alex. Is there any further ways that are free to anonymize torrent traffic that you would suggest? I did what you suggested already, but I’m looking to further anonymize traffic.

    • Alex says

      Look into getting a seedbox, these lists are only partially effective. Moving downloading from torrents to filehosting sites (uploaded, rapidgator, etc) will significantly reduce how public your downloading is.

  4. Malk says

    If you still look at this post, I would appreciate if you could suggest where to get a new ipfilter.dat file that’s more up to date. Used both ipfilter.dat and ipfilter2.dat, and I get “Error reloading: Bad response: 410 Gone” for all but the EDU line in my filters list.

    • Alex says

      Hey Malk,

      I’ve updated the filters. The previous provider, bluetack, has put their ipfilters behind a paywall. However, with a bit of research I found that offers the same filters for free. The link has been updated in the article.

  5. Simplemind says

    As someone who has been in the Apple realm, and very used to Transmission, I downloaded and installed Tixati on my Windows box. I updated the ipfilters right away via the link in the article.

    would like to thank you for taking the time to put this together.

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